All Lovers, Animals

by Dan Kirkwood

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released February 9, 2016

All songs written by Dan Kirkwood
Except: Manhattan, Montana written by Dan Kirkwood, Tommy Siegel and Jon Felis.
Produced by Tommy Siegel and Dan Kirkwood

Cover art by Gareth Wishart:

Featuring Dan Desloover and Ben Higdon of Goldwing on Nomads and The Road Home.



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Dan Kirkwood Juneau, Alaska

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Track Name: On Fire
Step into the heart of the night,
you will always bring the darkness,
Into the light.

Lover won't you call my name?
Light on your lips or you can shout it,
It's all the same.

Lover, won't you walk my way?
Find me with your fingers in the darkness,
and call it a game.

Because we're on fire.
Track Name: Nomads
A hunter is sitting on a hilltop,
He's waiting for something to pass,
He's siting in the tall grass,
Waiting for an animal.

Gathered his flock to go,
But there was nowhere left to turn.
Even the wild creatures had to learn,
New tricks in the city, man.

And a nomad is no man,
Where there's nowhere to wander anymore.
He moved to the city, where he's got no flock to tend to
And doesn't get chased by lions anymore.

A man is lying in bed with his lover,
In the middle of the afternoon.
They swear they're gonna get up soon,
They're sleeping like animals.

Coursing the veins of the city,
Missing the lions bears and wolves,
Because the predators here are much worse
Than those honest animals.

And a nomad is no man,
Where there's nowhere to wander anymore.
He moved to the city, where he got a decent job,
Selling home insurance, to all the other nomads,
And doesn't get chased by lions anymore.

When you walk under satellites,
There's nowhere on Earth to far,
So turn your eyes to the stars.
Track Name: Midnight Lovers
Midnight lovers are waves that the dark cannot contain.
Find your answers in shifting sand, the shoreline is not the same.

I awoke from my sleep, like a death in the night.
Holding onto your body, so I know I'll be alright.

Dust in the grooves and I'm shakin.
I'm just the record you're playin.

In your dreams: great parades,banners flown in the sun.
You awoke to the rain and a job that's not that fun.

But I've seen you in your dress,I've seen you in your pearls,
And I do love the way that you outshine all those girls.

Midnight lovers awake in the evening of the day,
I can sleep until dusk, since I saw the dawn break.

In your hand is my heart, in the other, a glass of wine.
All my blood on your hands and I know I'll be just fine.