Space Country

by Dan Kirkwood

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Space Country is about the feeling of driving into the unknown, on a night when the highway could be taking you beyond the moon.

Thanks to the many friends and family who offered their ears to this project. Thanks to Tommy Siegel and Jesse Kristen for hosting me in NYC while this EP was conceived. Thanks Sarah and Devyn for help with the Space Country logo. Thanks Jon for busting out the guitar on Buffalo Coat. Thanks Elliott for locking down the final touches. Thanks to Joe, B, A. Nancy, Mom and Dad. These songs were written during a tough year but with optimism for the future.

For Tess


released April 10, 2014

Dan Kirkwood: Guitar, vocals, piano, synths, production.
Tommy Siegel (BMI): Guitar, backing vocals, synths, production.
Jonathan Felis: Guitar on "Buffalo Coat."
Elliott Sussman: Production.



all rights reserved


Dan Kirkwood Juneau, Alaska

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Track Name: Buffalo Coat
Sweet dreams of the western wilds,
I remember the beasts that would roam there, child.
It stops my heart from time to time,
When I remember the girl traveled far and wide.

Sunset, her eyes in song,
That's the road I've been following all along.
Two step dance in silhouette,
All alone at the bar, I'd be a terrible bet.

I'm on the road,
Chasing a girl in a Buffalo coat,
I'm on the road,
Here in the modern world.

So far from her prairie home,
Where they caged the gods and the buffalo.
My eye on that dusty star.
One fixed point in the void spinning around my car.
Track Name: Borderland
I've been standing in line,
I'm the wolf at the border.
Take a look in my eyes,
One hundred years on my shoulders.

Guns and dust at the border
As I wait to go through.
Children all with their mothers,
Standing here without you.

And I've been here for a long, long time.
I've been digging in the dust for a sign of life.

In my mouth is a fire,
In my throat is the flame.
But through her heart runs a river,
That could drown out my name.

When will I find my way home?
When will I turn and go back there alone?
When will I find my way home,
It's a long way home.

I've been standing in line,
I'm the wolf at the border.
You'll hear my song in the dark,
As the night's growing colder.
Track Name: Orbit
I'll see her standing, across the ocean
In glowing orbit, the planet is in motion, I know.
I'll take my lessons, from the books of history
Won't read ahead, I want to keep the mystery alive.

I once has luck on my side,
I might get lucky again.
I'm up in orbit and I hope that we collide.
And I'll get lucky again.

I'll be your cowboy, in turns of phrases,
I walk the straight lines in the wild places I go.
I'll be a spaceman if you turn on that starlight.
Take me out dancing, and I will keep you up all night.
Track Name: This Dark Land
I am a pilgrim, can't you tell?
My worn out welcome at the door should soon dispell
Any myth assigned to me.
All the crimes, forgiven me.

In this dark land, I've surely stayed.
A year beyond my well intentioned escapade.
But the lines are hard to see.
My solution, fantansy.

Does it feel - like you're drifting out over the edge?
Does it feel - like you're spinning again and again.